Welcoming Asia into Golden Bean Competition

Welcoming Asia into Golden Bean Competition

We are very excited to announce a new chapter in the Golden Bean Roasters competition we are expanding the Australian/New Zealand event to include Asia.

We have been waiting for the right time to grow the competition into our neighbouring countries, but Covid put a major hurdle in front of us. This announcement will make a lot of Roasters in the Australasian region happy to be able to re-engage some friendships and business relationships. Australia being way down in the Southern hemisphere has always leaned its Asian neighbours for supply of unique green beans.

During these origin trips many relationships have been formed. I personally have been invited to Barista and coffee shows in Asian pacific regions for year as a judge or a keynote speaker. I have been constantly asked to include Asia into the Golden Bean and I can see the benefits in this established network.

The Team at Golden Bean has always had a vision to make this event Global so as the world opens again, we will also do this. What we have learnt from running Golden Bean over 15 years is we have created a neutral space where Roasters and Coffee professionals can come and learn from each other and gain lifelong contacts and friendship

We have had the critics and the haters try and railroad our events, but we pride ourselves on being open to all and not creating segmentation in our industry. The world has enough problems now, and we don’t need to use an industry like coffee to fight minority battles.

Coffee for the last 1000 years has been the excuse to meet for all and coffee is the ultimate social lubricant for open discussions in a cafes and restaurants that serve this magic brew. 

The competition is open to all Asian Countries that want to be part of the competition attending the event or sending coffees to be judged. We want to start this year with our October event already be planned in our beautiful hometown of Port Macquarie in NSW.

October should be good timing as the beach weather will be ready to greet our guests for a far. There will be an update on our website with the new logistics and timing of coffees to this competition to take account of freight timings.

Again, welcome to Golden Bean our Asian friends.

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