Golden Bean World Series 2024

26th & 27th February 2024


Batmanโ€™s Hill on Collins, Melbourne, Australia.
623 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC.

The World Series is the grand final between the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere to see who is the world's best coffee roaster.

All previous overall Golden Bean champions and winners in Gold and Silver will be eligible to compete in the World Series.

There will be one Overall Champion, one Large Chain/Franchise/Retail Champion and one Small Chain/Franchise/Retail Champion.

There will also be a trophy for the runner-up overall champions.

There is a Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for each category: Espresso, Milk and Filter.


Entering is $600 AUD and you are judged in three categories.

Espresso, Milk and Filter.

There is no limit on green bean cost and no restriction on roasting method. No infused coffee after roasting is allowed (flavouring).

Supply coffee to be judged in 1kg branded bags one for each category (3kg in total).

Your score is determined by the total of all three entries. The highest scoring roaster in each category will be the World Series Overall Champion.

Small and Large Franchise/Chain/Retail will be separated from the main overall category.

Further Instructions

To be eligible for the World Series, you have to have won a Gold and Silver medal in any previous Golden Bean Competition.

Read full Golden Bean World Series Instructions below.

Download PDF Instructions