Packing and Sending Instructions

Golden Bean Australasia
25-29 October 2022
Location: Port Macquarie Race Club

Now is the time to start sending in your coffee entries. 

Below are the instructions on how to do this.

Ensure you attach the packing slip to your un-branded 500g coffee bag and write the category number on each bag.

E.g. If you have two entries: one in 'Espresso’ (which is category 1), another in 'Milk-Based’ (category 2), send us two 500g bags, one with a big '1' written on it and the other with a big '2' written on it.

The two 500g un-branded coffee bags need two seperate Packing Slips stapled to the top of the bag. The packing slip can be found in the Golden Bean portal next to your paid entry.

Screenshot below:

Send to:
Attn: Golden Bean
30 Jambali Road
Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Coffee must arrive before:
5pm Friday 21 October 2022

PLUS! New for this year
We will be auctioning bags of coffee for charity on the Saturday at the Port Macquarie Coffee Festival. All proceeds will go to Make a Difference Port Macquarie (M.A.D.). Please include a 1kg branded bag with your coffee entry.

We'll also be judging the most creative branded coffee bag and the winner will be awarded a prize from our sponsor, Sunbeam.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Learn more about M.A.D. →