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Green Bean Workshop Ticket Golden Bean 2023

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Level-up your roasting skills!

Seminar Overview:

The “Green Coffee Quality Control Essentials” seminar is a condensed one-day program designed to provide coffee roasters with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental principles and practices involved in assessing and maintaining the quality of green coffee beans. Through a combination of interactive discussions, hands-on exercises, and sensory evaluation, participants will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to evaluate green coffee, identify defects, and establish effective quality control processes to ensure the excellence of their roasted coffee products.


$500 "Workshop" ticket: includes both sessions of the workshop (am & pm)

$600 "Workshop + Roasting Class" ticket: includes  both sessions of the workshop (am & pm) PLUS a roasting session with the Golden Bean World Series winning Blend. Only 8 places!

*Purchasing either ticket to the Green Bean workshop includes attendance to the FULL Golden Bean Conference 14th-18th November 2023.